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LandMARKET™, LandGOV™ & LandFAX™Reports.

County & Parcel Based. Expert Sourced.

Save hours of due diligence time. Access expert insights for your land deal opportunities.


County-Based Report

Deciding on land development opportunities can be a time-consuming task, but our LandMARKET Report can help determine if a county provides the opportunity you are seeking.

Our core county-level report provides an expert analysis of the local market conditions, trends, demand drivers along with forecasts of potential demand and absorption rates.


County-Based Report

Before you decide to purchase land in a county, you’ll want a LandGOV Report.

Our expert report provides an in-depth analysis of the topics, trends and political leanings of the deciding agencies in a jurisdiction and an overview of the permitting process.


Parcel-Based Report

When you’ve pinpointed a specific parcel of interest, you’ll save hours of research and vetting with our LandFAX Report.

This parcel-specific report provides a comprehensive site assessment that analyzes the most important development feasibility factors that any developer, builder or investor would find beneficial for their due diligence and planning.

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